I’m moving to New York because I have problems with my sleep.

Well I am on a train again and I have kicked the jet lag out of the ball park whilst in New York. When they say its the city that never sleeps, they literally mean it. There is so much to do its crazy! Of course we did the obligatory shopping and main tourist attractions.

So after getting off of the train on Saturday, we walked straight to our hotel, which was across the road… Well planned I know! We were staying opposite Penn Street Station, which is home to Madison Square Garden. We stayed in the New Yorker. It was a beautiful 1940’s Art Deco building and had the original interior to match it.
I yet again shared a room with my Parents, but this time I had a bed to myself and I didn’t have to sleep on the floor.

We arrived at about 5pm and decided to wash up and explore straight away. The first thing we did was walk down 8th Avenue, which is the Fashion district and have a wonder up the Empire State building.

It was incredible! The sites at that time of evening were beautiful and it made you forget the heat. And it was very hot!

I can not describe what I saw and the photos I did take wont do it justice. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. The photos required very little colour correction, which was amazing.

I had my first experience in Sephora. It is so much better than any thing else in the UK. I brought a setting spray, which has become my new favourite thing in this heat, a Kat Von D Lipstick in a lilac shade and I got a free cleanser because I signed up to be a member. They have one in Vancouver and I can tell that I am going to spend a lot of my money in there!

Anyway, once we had done that and ventured around some of the shops, we went to dinner at a little Pizzeria. We had an 18 Inch pizza between 5 and a slice of it was the size of my head! It was more than enough to fill me up. Once we had a food baby, we went back to the hotel and we slept.

Day 2 was crazy busy. It was Sunday and you would think that it wouldn’t be as busy, but I was wrong. There were tourists everywhere and the fact I compared it to London says a lot.

We walked to Times Square and had Breakfast in the Hard Rock cafe. It is certainly not every day that you get to eat your raisin brain next to a t-shirt worn by Slash and listen to Kiss by Prince, whilst staring at his shoes. It was really over priced for what it was, but it was a good experience, but I wont be doing it again.

We also became serious tourists and jumped onto a Big Bus… like the ones in London that are opened topped. This one we went on, went up town and down town. I felt that it was a good way to see the city and was worth the money. Because it was hot, it meant that we weren’t walking everywhere and we got to see more than we would have if we were walking everywhere. You could jump on and off when ever you liked and we decided to jump off at the 9/11 memorial.

It was surreal to actually stand where the twin towers once stood. Everyone remembers where they were when they came down and everyone knows that it was the incident that changed the world for ever.

It was a really beautiful area and everyone there was paying their respects. We were all there for one reason and one reason only. I really did enjoy this bit of my day.

Once we had finished the tour we did some more shopping and went to an American diner for dinner. It wasn’t that nice, but I was hungry and would have eaten a horse.

So I am on the train to Philadelphia for the next leg of the trip. Don’t actually know what we are going to do on this trip, but I am excited about this part as it is something no one in the family has done.

Stay Tuned,



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