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Keto Day 1 Check-in​!

Today I am considering the first day of my Keto diet.
I made a mistake and went shopping for food that I wanted to say goodbye to this weekend, but I also did the shop whilst hungry! So I ended up with more food than I could eat in 2 days. When I came yesterday after an evening of watching people eat carbs, whatever food we had left that was not Keto in any way shape or form, was eaten. It was not a very impressive start to a new diet!
I left my Sorbet out to defrost so I couldn’t eat it tonight! That is how bad I felt after eating carbs. So today is my first day of Keto and I will learn from my hungry shopping. Don’t do it!

Today was pretty good. No sugar crashing yet, but I have started the Keto flu early. It is probably my allergies acting up but it is about to start. The last time I did the Keto I had the flu for 2 weeks, so I can just see it lasting longer this time around as I have just recovered from the worlds longest cold I have ever hard and my immune system took a kick because of it. I will push through even though it is the hardest thing I have to push through. I feel like I am ill quite a lot and I really do not feel or like being ill the amount I am. I am just taking tablets for it and hoping to stop it as much as possible. I am going to try serval things to see what works best to kick the Keto flu the best and report back.

I am starting my day off with having a Vega shake first thing in the morning and it is an amazing thing! Vega is a vegan nutrition product. The one that I have in the morning is  Vega One All in One Nutrition Shake. It is a powder that includes your daily nutrients and multivitamins you need in a day. One scoop is 3 net carbs!

I can have this shake first thing in the morning and I’m good until lunch. I am really hoping this is going to help me in the mornings with my early starts and just helping me get all the daily nutrients without having to make sure it all fits into my diet with low carb food. It is probably possible to do it, but meh its 3 net carbs, I’ll cope!

So going forward and what to expecting in the next couple of weeks I am reading some books on Keto and will review them once I have sunk into them. I am also planning on posting some meals that I have tried and tested (Once I have tried and tested them!).


Anyway, this is all for now. I just wanted to check in and let you know that I have started the Keto and that today is my first days of getting myself together!
I’m going to eat bacon because my diet allows me too!

See ya!



She’s at it again!

So this is Rosie checking in for the billionth time and not actually sticking to blog posting.

I have a huge backlog of posts, but just never physically got round to tagging it all, because it takes so god damn long to do!!!

At 24 I have finally got to the stage where I have completed nothing. I finished my degree and worked three jobs at the same time and then very quickly moved to Canada, but for some reason, this is not going to be my crowning glory. I do not want to be remembered for that small period of my life forever.
I have gotten to the point in my life where I need to make some changes and I need to make them now.

First on my long list is my weight.

Moving to Canada was a great idea because all the expensive import food I craved as a teenager became cheap. Pizza pops, Twizzlers, Root Beer and Hershey’s White Cookie Chocolate have quickly become my best friend and my waists worst enemy.
So this time I’m publicly shaming myself and my indulgences so that I actually get on with it and lose the weight this time.

I will eventually post a picture when I actually feel confident enough to do it, but for now, I can say in the last year, my weight has gone up quite a large amount. Mostly in my tummy area and the tops of my legs, but I know that sticking to my diet and actually doing some exercise is going to help.

So what is the lucky diet this time I hear you ask?
Keto… for the 3rd time.

Now the reason this is the 3rd time I have tried Keto is not because it does not work, because it does and I get great results, its just that some sort of holiday happens and I fall off the wagon at the first chance I get, then I feel like I need to make up for lost time, eat all the carbs and its an endless cycle of Rosie’s chub!

This time, I’m going to journal everything.
Not everything, remember I am Rosie and moderately lazy.
But I’m going to post my favourite recipes, how my exercising is coming along and how my mood is.

My plan (You’ve heard this before if you have read any of my other posts) is to post about 3 blog posts a week.
-Food and general diet.
-Mental Health and lifestyle.

This may or may not work, but I’m going to give it all a go.
So my prep for the new start begins today. I’m going to having a massive clean up, clean out and some food shopping to get some prep done so I can start tomorrow. I may do a daily catch up if I feel like it for the first couple of weeks, so we can future evaluate whats going on.

For now, I’m going to eat every carb in sight and hit it hard tomorrow.
Keep those fingers crossed for me!


9 Days to go!!

It is full speed ahead! There is so much to do and not enough time to do it. I’m so busy working right up until the last bit I can’t seem to find time to sort everything out. My first tip if you were thinking about an IEC… book some more time off before you leave. You may thank yourself from escaping from the stress!

But I thought I would let you know some of the important things I have found helpful. A lot of it is going to cost some money, but I’m pleased with the purchases, I’m also happy know I’m am covered.

The first one is Insurance! 

In Canada they have their own health care which is similar to the British version of the NHS. Unfortunately as a IEC you wouldn’t classify for it and you will need health insurance. After hunting and asking different people, I have gone with a company called True Traveller (
You can add as much to your quote or as little. Its well priced and may seem too much at first, but you are getting insurance for 2 years at the end of the day. My insurance cost £605.00. This is a no excess policy which basically means I don’t have to pay upfront for the treatment if I need it. Which maybe helpful if I am really skint in the future. But you can cover yourself for up to 2 years which is the amount of time the UK IEC will allow you to be in the country for. There is no upfront medical and if you are under 25 you can have a free meeting with a Doctor when you get out there. Which means I can set up a prescription for me Inhalers.
When you go to the boarder you will need enough insurance to last you the 2 years otherwise you may have your time cut short. Don’t be scared about paying the money, you may need it and be thankful for the cover.

I have also taken out insurance for all my gadgets. As a photographer I have a lot of kit and need to know that it is covered so I can get jobs and sleep easy knowing that if something goes wrong, I am covered and I am not going to have a really big bill on my lap. I went with Protect Your Bubble ( I went with these guys because I needed world wide cover without a limit and it was the only company that offered it. I’m paying about £30.00 a month, which seems a lot compared to others, but I have a lot of kit. The only downside is that is something does go wrong, it will be send back to my UK address. But I will hopefully not need it! But yet again it is better safe than sorry!

Now I’ve also got myself 3 months worth of prescriptions… which you are allowed to get. My Doctor was not happy about doing this, but they are allowed to do it even though they may give you hell for it.

Print all your documents off! Keep them safe. Put some in your hand luggage and some in your checked in bag. Keep a digital copy on a memory stick and on an email account. You never know what is going to happen and it is better to yet again be safer than sorry.
Also photocopy your passport. There is nothing worse than loosing it and being stuck!

This is all I can think of right now. I’m planning on doing a packing list, but like I said I am very busy and may not have time.
But as I’m all done with all my insurance, I’m going to stick on a film and crack on with my packing.

Keep a note of everything.
You’re brain will be scrambled.

Keep in touch,


17 Days to go!


So the time for me to leave the country I have lived my whole life is fast approaching. The decision to leave has had many ups and downs, but I’m going and it is full speed ahead.

This whole idea came about when I was talking about going travelling after graduation. I was planning on working for a year and then going across America, doing a camp for a summer and then travelling across Canada via motor home. A friend of mine was very keen on joining me on this trip, until she decided to follow her sisters foot steps and apply for a IEC Working Holiday Visa. This would allow her to stay and work in Canada for 2 years.
At first I was still stuck on actually going travelling instead of settling down in one place and working, but hearing my friend talk about it with so much excitement as she got her visa, I knew from that moment that it was something I wanted to do to. So I applied.

The process for the application was a long and expensive one. There was a lot of paper work I had to get together and pay for. I had to pay for the visa itself, a police check and have a medical because I currently working in a rehab. Once all this was sorted out the visa was accepted and I was so excited I cried down the phone to my Mum.

So now I’m about to leave in 17 days. First of all I’m going to America with my Family on holiday, travelling some of the east coast and visiting family in Northampton MA. Which is funny because I live in Northampton UK.
I’m flying into Boston, spending a couple of days in Boston and then travelling on to New York. From there I am going to Philadelphia and then onto Washington D.C before going to Northampton for a couple of days before my Family fly back to the UK.
From there I will fly onto Toronto. I will spend a few days exploring my first look at Canada before I get a train (Which will day 3 and a half days) to Vancouver, where I will meet my friends Sister and we will start my our new life, before my friend joins us later on in the year.

Now I am pretty much set up and ready to go, but I’m nervous and still feel like I have a 101 things that I still need to do.
But the purpose of this blog is to let everyone know what I am up too in more depth than a Facebook post and to help anyone who is applying for a IEC Working Holiday Visa and what they can expect from my experience.
I have read a couple of blogs that have helped me along the way and settled my nerves including a group on Facebook with is amazing, but I wanted to help out as many people as possible, whilst keeping people up to date with what I’m doing.

The lead up to my flight I will fill in some more information about what I’m doing and what I’m taking with me when I  fly out, but this was to start everything off.

This may not last very long, but I’m going to give it as much effort I have. I may even start some Vlogs, but we shall see about that one.


Stay Tuned,