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Where am I a year after leaving the UK?

A year ago I left the UK. I got on a plane with my family and I left for greener grass on the other side.

I did intend on blogging this whole time and keeping everyone up to date with everything that happened on this trip, but after not having internet towards the end of the trip and then wanting to spend more time with my parents/ family before I had to leave them crying in a ball on tears at Boston Airport, I never finished blogging.
Its amazing how life can get away from you very quickly before you realise.


Anyway, Where am I now?

Well I’m still in Vancouver, BC at the moment, currently sat on the sofa watching a programme about Russian History whilst I recover from having my wisdom teeth removed.
For the moment I still work at William F. Whites, a film rentals company, but everything is about to change all over again.

I’m about to move to the Island. Vancouver Island that is, not the mysterious one with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson.
So about 8 months ago I met this guy who turned out to be one of the best people I have ever met. He even made the trip home with me in April for a week, meeting family and being dragged around Primark (Its okay, he really loved the cheap clothes!). Due to lots of different circumstances, he has decided that he wants to move closer to family and I was asked to go with him. I said yes after loads of crying and long distance phone calls to my Mum.
I’m currently in the process of applying to stay in this wonderful country I have started to call home, but if everything starts to fall to pieces do I really want to say that I stayed in Vancouver the whole time and worked Monday to Friday 9-5 and not travelled very much. No I don’t.

So this is where I am at…. a year after getting on the plane to Boston and starting to make my way to Canada.

On my Canaversary I shall write a more indepth post about my time in Canada and what I have actually done with my time.
I still don’t regret this move and I am still loving every day, and even on the harder days I have someone to help me through the crap.

Stay safe,

R x


17 Days to go!


So the time for me to leave the country I have lived my whole life is fast approaching. The decision to leave has had many ups and downs, but I’m going and it is full speed ahead.

This whole idea came about when I was talking about going travelling after graduation. I was planning on working for a year and then going across America, doing a camp for a summer and then travelling across Canada via motor home. A friend of mine was very keen on joining me on this trip, until she decided to follow her sisters foot steps and apply for a IEC Working Holiday Visa. This would allow her to stay and work in Canada for 2 years.
At first I was still stuck on actually going travelling instead of settling down in one place and working, but hearing my friend talk about it with so much excitement as she got her visa, I knew from that moment that it was something I wanted to do to. So I applied.

The process for the application was a long and expensive one. There was a lot of paper work I had to get together and pay for. I had to pay for the visa itself, a police check and have a medical because I currently working in a rehab. Once all this was sorted out the visa was accepted and I was so excited I cried down the phone to my Mum.

So now I’m about to leave in 17 days. First of all I’m going to America with my Family on holiday, travelling some of the east coast and visiting family in Northampton MA. Which is funny because I live in Northampton UK.
I’m flying into Boston, spending a couple of days in Boston and then travelling on to New York. From there I am going to Philadelphia and then onto Washington D.C before going to Northampton for a couple of days before my Family fly back to the UK.
From there I will fly onto Toronto. I will spend a few days exploring my first look at Canada before I get a train (Which will day 3 and a half days) to Vancouver, where I will meet my friends Sister and we will start my our new life, before my friend joins us later on in the year.

Now I am pretty much set up and ready to go, but I’m nervous and still feel like I have a 101 things that I still need to do.
But the purpose of this blog is to let everyone know what I am up too in more depth than a Facebook post and to help anyone who is applying for a IEC Working Holiday Visa and what they can expect from my experience.
I have read a couple of blogs that have helped me along the way and settled my nerves including a group on Facebook with is amazing, but I wanted to help out as many people as possible, whilst keeping people up to date with what I’m doing.

The lead up to my flight I will fill in some more information about what I’m doing and what I’m taking with me when I  fly out, but this was to start everything off.

This may not last very long, but I’m going to give it as much effort I have. I may even start some Vlogs, but we shall see about that one.


Stay Tuned,