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Boston Train Ride Blog Post 

Good Afternoon from a train track moving from Boston Back Bay Station to New York City Penn St Station. The family and me are currently travelling to NY via a really rickety train zooming through the American Country. Unfortunately my brother gets travel sick, like me and my mother, so we have the curtains closed so that I can’t see anything coming past.

We are travelling via train because it was the most cost affective way to do it for a group of 5 and it was quicker than getting a coach. Overall I would rather sit on a London Midland train travelling to Edinburgh, even though we are in business class. There is hardly any space for luggage so I am on a constant look out for people going for our luggage. But we’re moving on to our next location.
New York.

So yesterday we spent the day walking around Boston. There is so much to see and do, but when there is a weather warning saying how hot it is going to be, you may need to pay attention and find some places to visit that have Air Con. You could spot the Brits from a mile away because we were the only idiots walking around the city at 2pm in the afternoon when the sun was at its hottest. We are all burnt, but I have a new found love for Air Con and blister plasters!

I also think my dress melted because it was that hot. It was short at the beginning of the day and down by my ankles by the time I collapsed in the hotel room at about 4pm.

We left the hotel at 8.30am and started walking towards the Boston Tea Party Museum. It was on the Charles River and it was beautiful to look at with most of it and 2 replica ships on the river itself. As tourists do, we decided to do the reenactment tour.
We were all given a small card that had a name of someone who was involved in the Tea Party. At first I honestly thought it had something to do with George Washington and the signing of the declaration of Independence, but it wasn’t. The Americans hundreds of years ago were run by the British. The king at the time, King George the Third, began a tax on Importing tea into America. Therefore a rebellion started and the people of Boston decided to Dump the tea from the Ships into the river.
So we walked around for a while and I was given the name Thomas Melville. The Grandfather of Herman Melville, the author of Moby Dick. This dude had a few important moments throughout the tour and was often brought up by the actors.So I was started at really awkwardly throughout the day.
But it was really fun and I enjoyed myself. I loved the gift shop as it was full of Tea and being a Brit who has done nothing but drink nasty old tea for 2 days, I decided that I would give it a miss and expected there to be more bad tea.
(If someone read this, I didn’t bring tea bags because I’m an idiot and forgot… if you send any parcel, send Tea Rations!! )

Anyway after that we walked up the coast and toured the Harbour. It was really hot so it felt like the longest walk of my life… and I have done my Duke of Edinburgh.

We eventually got the Subway to Fenway. We didn’t actually go to Fenway Park and have a tour around the grounds… no we went to the gift shop across the road and spent an hour in there looking for something for my large brother to buy. I would like to add that my brother is really tall and for some reason nothing fit him.
But I brought a Red Socks Cap, which looks pretty great on. I’m a happy bunny with that and it means I can keep the sun out of my eyes for some of the trip… and cover up bad hair days.

We then had pizza, watched a lot of American TV and went to sleep again. The TV IS CRAP… mostly just adverts and people moaning about the heat and news. There is a lot about the presidential vote and what not. I have to admit it is more mind numbing than the Brexit TV.

So we are on a train heading towards New York and I’m pretty excited. I’m sure I’m going to love it and I will check back in on tomorrow evening.

Say in touch,



Goodbye UK, Hello Boston!

So today I finally made the trip from the UK across the pond to Boston for the first leg of my trip.
For the first 2 weeks I am lucky enough to have my family travel with me and have to cut split a little. Although at first this may sound like a god send, it is slowly turning into a nightmare due to me quitting smoking and the high level of stress that airports seem to bring with them.

We left the house at 6:30am GMT this morning and made our way to Heathrow. We got their, checked in our bags and went through security really quickly. I was surprised at how quick we did it, but it meant that we could have some breakfast and chill out. I then realised that I forgot my teddy and was horrified at the thought of going to sleep without him. I’ll find a replacement until may family get home and send him out.

Anyway, so we flew out with British Airways at 11:15am GMT and made our way across the pond.
It was the longest 7 hours of my life.
I did watch a couple of films (Deadpool, Room, The Jungle Book) and fell asleep for some of it. I got really bored and every part of my body was starting to fall to pieces after a while.
But we made it.

I was quite nervous about going through American Immigration, but it was fine. There were no horror stories and everyone was really nice.
So far Boston is a really nice place to be!

We got to the hotel and realised that we were a bed down, which now means that I am sleeping on a mattress on the floor. Which I am not overly happy about, but I am in Boston for a whole 2 nights and I am half asleep anyway. So we are trying to go to bed really late and trying get rid of any type of jet lag that we will get. So we are currently having a night in after a trip out for Dinner to 5 Napkin Burgers and 7 Eleven.
I am really impressed with the amount of customer service in America so far! I got a bottomless Root Beer  and kept those bad boys coming. I am trying to eat something green with every meal and I succeed today. We shall see how long that lasts.

We have a long arse day tomorrow, so I will write another blog post on the Train on Saturday, when we move on to New York!

Keep and eye out,